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Convince The Powers That Be, Your Company Website Sucks

Cesar Abueg - Friday, June 08, 2012

There are times when we get contacted by an employee of a company, and they are looking to inquire about website redesign, and often times they are the ones pushing for it, and not the owners or managers of the business or organization. So here's a quick blog if your in that position, that you know you can do a better job, if your company will just update the website. Here's what you need to know.

Reasons Why Everyone is Not Onboard About Updating Company/Organization Website:

  • Management/Owners are Unfamiliar with the Technology - believe it or not, what someone does not know, fears them, and having to learn something new can be intimidating.
  • Do Not See the Benefits - spent a lot of money on a website years ago, and it still has not paid back.
  • Think They Can Not Afford to - what they spent years ago, may not cost as much, and certainly technology capability has changed.
  • Business Does Not Need It - major purchases happen through research online by nearly 93% of Americans, can your company afford not to be part of the discussion.
  • Think That Customers Will Always Stay Loyal - economy sucks, so loyalty is out the window (up to a point), but if your products and services are pretty much the same, savy buyers choose price most of the time. Your website can help make sure you stand out.
  • Technology Implementation is Costly - yes it can be, but its worth the investment, when implemented correctly, adding to a streamlined business that is efficient and competitive, your company grow.
  • Only Do Business Locally - most businesses service those within a 50 mile radius of where they do business, if not less, so being online is pointless, at least that is what they say. But if everyone is getting online and not driving to your business, how are they know you exist? Junk mail!

Okay, so these are legitimate reasons here, but it is unfortunate if not dealt with. A great CEO once said, if you are not growing your business or if your business is stagnant, you will be out of business soon enough. Especially with the speed of how technology is growing, most businesses can not compete with other businesses that have the competitive technological edge.

Walmart is a great example of this. This company is known to be the leading purveyors of implementing new technology. They use critical business information to the fullest, allowing them to predict, prepare and respond with blazing speeds on market shifts.

Okay so technology is important, but what do I tell the powers-that-be on how to get a new website, because its not helping me sell their products and services with this outdated, misinformed, and unprofessional looking website.

So What Can I Tell My Boss, To Update Our Website:

  • A Website Is Sometimes the First Impression You Make - like we mentioned, people research online first, so if they stumble on your website, what impression are you making? This can deter or win-over a potential customer. Can you say, lost sale?
  • Internet is the Best Marketing Tool - compared to all the traditional marketing mediums, the internet is by far the most cost-effective due to its ability to reach people and availability.
  • Information On the Website Is Outdated - and therefore visitors to your site are not getting the information that you need and your credibility decreases.  An outdated site gives people an impression that your business may not be stable and therefore not be around when they need it.
  • Improve Customer Loyalty - by constantly being in your customers mind. Send out highly targeted newsletters to your customers and give them a reason as to why they should have your loyalty.
  • Improve Customer Support - you can use your website to minimize unnecessary calls thus improving efficiency or allowing for a better allocation of your workforce.
  • Improve Business Operations - by managing your online presence more effectively and streamlining your process when dealing with customer data. From reporting, CRM tools, to even database management. Your website needs to be working for your business.
  • Test/Capture New Markets - by having your website be search engine friendly. Optimize your site so when your potential customers are looking for you online, you can be found. By doing so, your business can reach new markets, and your business can grow.

These are good reasons to improve your website, especially if its not doing anything for you now. Like most relationships, your website needs the attention it needs so that it can perform as it should.

Tell us if this blog article was useful, we want to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

About the Author:
Cesar Abueg Jr. is a ten year web veteran with a passion for business, and people. He is the President & CEO of SDG Agency, a small web design & marketing agency based in Central Florida. He is a FilAm wanting to change the world. You can connect with him on Twitter or Facebook.

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