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Building Customer Loyalty, Not Competitive Fear

Cesar Abueg - Friday, November 30, 2012

Every business, big or small, new or old, struggles with building customers, and sometimes keeping them can even be more difficult. But instead of feeding the green monster, called fear and jealousy, perhaps its better to focus on other things. Focus on what you can control.

Its humbling to say we've lost a few customers over the years, some we were hoping not to lose, and others we were relieved to. Regardless, and whatever the reason may be, its best to know how to build customer loyalty.

Here are some things to look at on how to build customer loyalty and not competitive fear. Its something we've been implementing over the last ten years we've been in business, and as a result, many of our customers have been with us since the early years.

  1. Be Honest - so don't "FAKE IT, TILL YOU MAKE IT", it just makes you...well, a FAKER. If you lie about what you do, how can someone trust you with their business? Here is a more detailed blog post on "Honesty". 
  2. Deliver On Your Promise - especially when it comes to your service or product. If you don't, that's the fastest way to lose customers. Make sure that your deliverables are exactly what you'll be giving, and that the customer knows what those all mean, so they don't misinterpret the end result.
  3. Say Sorry Sooner Than Later - so when you do screw things up, and you will, you may just quench a growing fire that can get out of control. Just swallow your pride and admit when you're wrong, you will feel so much better, and your customers may do too. Which leads me to the next crucial point...
  4. Wow Them Sometimes - just make sure you pick the right time, and do it as much as needed. Super impressing your customers all the time may nullify the "wow" factor and can perhaps drive you out of business. Not to mention, maintaining the "wow" factor can be draining on your company resources, not unless your Apple of course. And we're not just talking about just cash flow, it can also mean the people within your company.
  5. Keep Competing With Innovation - just don't do everything under the sun. Growing too fast can kill your business. Innovation starts from within, so take in what you can handle, but keep challenging yourself to improve your product or service. Its never easy, but with hard work, innovation can help keep customers valuing your company for many years.
  6. Respect The Competition - because fearing them is neither healthy or conducive. So instead of talking bad about your competition and tooting your own horn, rather, learn from the competition, and see what they can teach you. You will gain more respect and confidence when you are honest about yourself and others. People will see that, and respect you for it, which is a step closer to winning them as a customer.
  7. Practice What You Preach - is perhaps the hardest thing, so keep working at it. No better way to earn respect and build more customers, but then to practice what you preach. Whatever your product or service is, show it off by showing how you do things or how you utilize your own products.
Now doing all this may not result in you keeping every customer, and sometimes, you may need to let go of some. Here's a post about having to fire customers

So focus on what you can do best, and keep firing those engines of innovation, and you'll keep building your rapport, and customers that will last for years to come.

No doubt there are other great tips on building customer loyalty, but these definitely are on the top of our list. If you have something to add, please share on the comment box below. Thank you!

About the Author:
Cesar Abueg Jr. is a ten year web veteran with a passion for business, and people. He is the President & CEO of SDG Agency, a small web design & marketing agency based in Central Florida. He is a FilAm wanting to change the world. You can connect with him on Twitter or Facebook.

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