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Are you a Good or Bad Social Butterfly?

Cesar Abueg - Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stop using social media the wrong way, and start reaping the benefits of what it can do for you and your business. Its not enough that you have a website, you need to go out into the virtual world and provide value to people. Give and give, and in no time, you'll see the rewards.

Signs of a Bad Social Butterfly:

  • You are not there. You create an account and just stop!
  • You rarely retweet or recommend anyone to follow
  • You attack people with different beliefs, opinions or thoughts
  • You just automate and don't engage
  • You don't put a link or a description on your profile
  • You are a celebrity and you don't follow anyone (Unless you are one)
  • You complain about everything and everyone on your updates
  • You are not a fan of any person, group, organization or business
  • You send the same news updates everyday & all day
  • You tag people on a video or a picture, just so they can read or watch something that will not interest them
  • You post wall comments on people you barely know and sell them your product or service
  • You private message a complete stranger, asking for a favor
  • You send game invites to everyone...repeatedly, incessantly and obsessively
  • You steal other blogger's content and claim it as your own
  • You don't have any blogging friends or people you recommend or respect
  • You talk about your products and services in a way that just sells and does not bring value to your readers
  • You don't comment on other people's blogs and give them an encouraging word
  • You do not allow comments from others

Be a Good Social Butterfly

Well, instead of writing the good ways you can be a social butterfly, you can simply just do the opposite on some of the items mentioned above. To put it in a few words, just build rapport, be like-able, and trust-worthy, because in the end of the day we do business with people we know, like and trust.

About the Author:
Cesar Abueg Jr. is a ten year web veteran with a passion for business, and people. He is the President & CEO of SDG Agency, a small web design & marketing agency based in Central Florida. He is a FilAm wanting to change the world. You can connect with him on Twitter or Facebook.

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