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3 Top Reasons Why Websites Fail

Cesar Abueg - Saturday, April 30, 2011

There is a long list as to why websites fail, but I think by giving you just the top 3 reasons why your website fails, the rest won't matter, its broken. Act on it!

#1 Top Reason Your Website Failed - No Call-to-Action

You got them on your site, now what do you want them to do. What's the one thing you want visitors to do when they go to your site? Here's how you can make it so:

  • Have an obvious button that takes the visitor to the next page YOU want them to go.
  • Have an obvious button for each page unless its the final destination.
  • If its not a link, any downloadable stuff, needs to be obvious as well.

#2 Top Reason Your Website Failed - Too Much Going On

Just imagine 3 people talking to you at the same time. Some websites out there do the exact thing, they put too much information "above the fold" with different colors and images, getting you to see everything all at the same time. Here's what you need to do:

  • Prioritize your information, the top being the most important, from left to right.
  • Minimize your images. Use it intentionally and let it complement, rather than just decorate.
  • Minimize your text. People don't read much on the web. Keep it short and simple.

#3 Top Reason Your Website Failed - Lacking Credibility or Authority

You may have a great looking site that gives users a proper flow to get them to the ultimate page on your site, but if you can't convert the user into a customer, or a buyer, then you've failed. Most of the time, the reason why that happens is because you don't answer the question, "Who are these guys?" Here are some tips to increase credibility:

  • Answer the question, "Who are you?".
  • Have a way for users to contact you. An email or phone number would be nice, especially an address, if possible.
  • Answer the question, "Why should I trust you?".
  • Provide valuable information that is useful to the user.
  • Spread the message and get guests posts or interviews with the media.
  • Provide real to life testimonies.
Hope that helps.

About the Author:
Cesar Abueg Jr. is a ten year web veteran with a passion for business, and people. He is the President & CEO of SDG Agency, a small web design & marketing agency based in Central Florida. He is a FilAm wanting to change the world. You can connect with him on Twitter or Facebook.

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