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//Our Process


Initial Research
Customer Brief

This is our first interaction so we have you talk and we listen. We go over the "Customer Brief" document that you turn in, and make sure we have addressed all issues, goals, and expectations. Compiling all that, we also spend time doing a little research about you and your business.



With the research and expertise we have gathered, we will formulate a proposal that addresses everything that was discussed in the "Consultation" stage. Along with rough details of the approach, cost, timeline, and expectations for both parties. When all is agreed on, a contract is formed, signed and delivered.


Research & Analysis
Site Planning
Content Review

This stage addresses everything that needs to happen during the project; what is needed, how communication is going to be addressed, and once again is expected from both parties. In addition, more research and strategies will be addresses along with action steps to get us moving.


Design Layout
Site Development

Before the creative juices start flowing, we outline the websites architecture, along with the functionality or features that needs to be built. Once completed, the creative juices kick in, and we start dressing up the framework of all of our hard work.


Site Checklist

After rigorous development time, the website content, graphics, functionality will be addressed, changed, edited, improved or whatever is needed to meet the goals set out for the project. Testing will be done by assigned web users and a checklist will be completed to make sure the website passes web standards.


Make it Live
Staff Training

The anticipation of launch is exciting, and requires much preparation, to make sure the site is working properly in its environment. Training may be provided when needed to maintain, manage and run the website. SDG can be brought in to do internet marketing, SEO or SEM, and/or social media marketing, to bring traffic to the website.

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